Debuted in October 2004 from Horipro. Won the 1st place in HMV’s JAZZ category, 1st online reservation, and 1st place sales for 2 weeks.

        2005 Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand,CD debut in Korea, Philippines and Taiwan. Appeared on the Chara Island Jazz Festival in Korea. Participated in “Penang Island Jazz Festival” in Malaysia.

        Made a major debut in 2006 from WHD Entertainment & Victor. In the same year, released the 2nd album and received the Ad Live Award domestic New Star Award. Performed at Thai Jazz Festival

       Received the 2007 Adlib Awards Best Jazz Fusion Award in Japan. Independently established a self-management office in 2008. 2 albums “MADE IN jaja Ⅱ” “MADE IN jaja Ⅱ” First DVD released

       In 2009, Yukio Akiyama, who is also a leader, has an ad-lib award (Swing Journal). Ranked 10th in the domestic SAX player popularity vote / 2nd Malaysia performance. Performed the first European (Germany) concert in 2011 and received great acclaim.

       2012 Album “MADE IN jaja III” released / Shanghai World Expo. The second European performance in 2013 (Germany-Luxembourg) was also a great success. Released “MADE IN jaja IV” in the same year. Over 250 live performances per year in 2014 / Appearance at the Luxembourg Jazz Festival

        2015 Released “MADE IN jaja V”

        2016 with Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra. Held a concert concert and received great acclaim. Record number of spectators and sales of CDs in 2017

       Since 2018, they are making a comeback from indies to majors and are active nationwide. Performed many domestic jazz festivals every year since debut From Yokohama to the world. It is a unique band that recognizes Japanese jazz.

Saxophone : Akiyama Yukio

Bass : Ichimura Hiroshi

Guitar : Nishizawa Yuzuru

Drum : Takashima Motohiro